The export pitch

How strong is your export pitch? In the last years, the distinction between major, mature and emerging markets has vanished. In all markets there is a hard competition with hundreds of strong competitors. At the same time buyers show limited interest in listing new producers as they have their established, well-selected pool of suppliers. They have …

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Build a premium brand

How to build a premium brand? For a premium brand everything is easy. Business partners are eager to cooperate, customers buy your products at high prices and feel happy about it and competition is not an issue. So the question is, how to become a premium brand? Is it about great marketing or to have …

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Exports to Europe

Our unique service “Europe – All in One” for companies from Asia and the Americans Are you a company from Asia or the US? Interested to develop business in Europe? Then Blueschild Consulting is the right partner for your company. We offer a new, unique service called “Exports Europe – All in one”. With this …

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Reinvent your business – Digital revolution

Reinvent your business – the digital revolution For many decades, information technology was considered merely a supportive tool in business development. The main objective of IT departments was, accordingly, the automatization of processes and data management. IT was about improving process performance. Business is taken over by new players However, today, we find ourselves in …

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The 4 major trends in export business

The 4 major trends in export business Added-value services & innovation In the last years the role of suppliers is significantly changing. It is not anymore about just delivering products. The key for profitable export business are added-value services and product innovation. Both can put you out the low-margin mainstream business and lead to higher …

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The Asian giants are shaking

For many decades know, high-volume producers from Asia seemed to have a clear competitive advantage in “big business” due to their production capacity and their ability for low prices. Recently, this law seems to become questioned. Big producers see their sales stagnating or even dropping, especially in the European markets. The winners of this development …

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