Digital tools in export business

The product range and the characteristics of your products can be a strong competitive advantage for your success in exports.

Is this the case?

So, how do you present your products to your potential customers in foreign markets? Sending probably powerpoint presentations with an unlimited number of pages? Or do you wait for a chance to present them later on?

You minimize your chances from the very beginning if you are not able to exploit your strengths. Even worse, you may turn your competitive advantage in a disadvantage!

As bigger your product assortment, as more difficult it is, to present it in a professional way to customers.

At this point we come to the point of digital transformation, a phrase often used, but even more often completely misunderstood. Digital transformation is the integration of new technologies in all aspects of business operations. It has specific importance in export development, where a company has to manage a physical distance to its clients.\

One of the most important and efficient digital tools refers to the presentation of your products.

A digital product catalog can help you to

  1. Present all your products in a clear and structured way
  2. Provide even detailed technical information for all products
  3. Include user-friendly tools which will allow your customers to identify quickly products of special interest
  4. Let your customers mark their specific preferences
  5. Prepare specific and customized propositions to them
  6. Get much better prepared for personal presentation meetings, which usually have high costs for you and should be as successful as possible

A digital catalog is not an e-shop, but a innovative B2B tool.

In relation to the overall budget of export development, the costs for a strong, digital presentation tool are limited, but it will dramatically increase the performance of your export efforts and positively surprise the potential clients from the very beginning!

At the end it is a strong service to your customers. With a good navigation logic, they can in seconds select products or get the information they need.

In a second step the digital catalog can be extended and include order functionalities, making it for your customers very easy to order your products. This can save for you and your customers time and costs.

Product availability, delivery times, transportation costs, all these are information, which can be communicated through a digital system, without back and forth with unlimited mails.

Digital presentation and sales tools are the future, not only for B2C business and consumer goods. Every producer with a wide product assortment, should take advantage of new technologies and increase his sales performance, especially in exports.

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