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In an ever-changing business landscape, Blueschild Consulting stands out as a trailblazer, providing unparalleled expertise in export development and internationalization to facilitate transformative growth. With a worldwide reach, our extensive team of more than 200 qualified consultants spans across 50 markets, positioning us to shape the businesses of tomorrow for our customers. We deliver comprehensive solutions that drive success and bring about high growth rates and overall transformation of SMEs.

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Unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings about the requirements for becoming a successful international player are likely the primary reasons why export development projects fail. At Blueschild Consulting, we understand the significance of addressing these issues upfront. Before embarking on a new cooperation, we place great emphasis on aligning our strategies with the management of our customers. By doing so, we ensure that the export development project is based on realistic goals and a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities ahead. This approach maximizes the chances of achieving success in the global market and minimizes the risks associated with misaligned expectations.


The 4 major trends in exports

The 4 major trends in exports   Added-value services & innovation In recent years, the role of suppliers has transformed significantly. It’s no longer sufficient to merely deliver products; the

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Export pitch

How strong is your export pitch? In recent years, the lines between major, mature, and emerging markets have blurred. Regardless of the market type, there is fierce competition with numerous

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Though export sales have the potential to exceed the volume of domestic sales, SMEs cannot afford to maintain a huge export department, but expect from you as export manager extraordinary results. Blueschild Consulting is the solution to this dilemma: we support your work by adding significant manpower and provide the tools to optimise your performance within your organization.


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