The 4 major trends in exports

The 4 major trends in exports


Added-value services & innovation

In recent years, the role of suppliers has transformed significantly. It’s no longer sufficient to merely deliver products; the focus has shifted towards providing added-value services and innovative products. These elements help companies stand out from low-margin mainstream business, leading to higher profit margins and stronger customer loyalty. Proactive support and advisory, rather than reactive responses to customer demands, are increasingly expected.

New business models

The era of standardized, high-volume sales is becoming obsolete. Even large-volume customers now seek flexibility and innovative supply models. This shift poses a threat not just from established competitors but also from unknown, innovative startups. These newcomers, often agile and innovative, can quickly outpace established market leaders. Traditional advantages like size and economies of scale are no longer fail-safe guarantees for maintaining a strong market position. The rise of companies like Tesla exemplifies this trend.

Digital processes and interaction

The digital revolution is reshaping aspects of business such as marketing, communication, and product development. While digitalization can be seen as a threat, it also presents enormous opportunities to enhance business operations and customer engagement.

ESG in Exports

ESG has become a crucial aspect in assessing the sustainability and social impact of businesses. Buyers, especially in international markets, increasingly expect their suppliers to demonstrate a high level of ESG compliance. This trend underscores the growing importance of environmental responsibility, social impact, and ethical governance in business practices.

These 4 trends highlight the need for businesses to adapt and innovate continuously. Embracing these changes and integrating them into business strategies is essential for staying competitive and relevant in the rapidly evolving global market.

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