Digital transformation in exports​

Make the difference with new models of buyer interaction ​

What is digitalization in exports about?

  • Transforming product data into business value
  • Get buyers attention more easy
  • New ways for product presentation
  • Digital interaction with buyers
  • Simplification of inquiries, orders and sales
  • Minimize time to sales
  • New cooperation models with suppliers (for resellers)

How does your company benefit?

  • Significant higher response rates
  • Significant reduction of export development cost
  • Shorter time to orders
  • Scalability of sales

Digital product data as business value

For buyers product specifications are a main factor in their decision-making when it comes to new suppliers. In the communication with buyers, companies had huge limitations of how to present their products and how to share product details. They either had to produce expensive printed catalogs, or to share only fragments of product data. As digitalization is eliminating limitations of the past, digital product data are no longer an internal issue in terms of your ERP system, but they become a huge asset for your sales. 

Digital interaction with buyers

Digitalization in b2b business allows better product presentation and eliminates many steps of the classic communication process with buyers. Today it is a huge competitive advantage. However, companies who miss this strategic window will be out of competition in no time. 

Get buyers attention

The classic problem: when you send an introduction mail to buyers, you cannot attach your presentation or your catalog as most IT systems either block such mails or the recipients hesitate to open files from senders the don’t know yet. In consequence the outcome of your introduction mails remains extremely low. With a digital setup it becomes more easy to provide a link to your digital product catalog and to increase the number of buyers who will see your product proposition.

Presenting your products digitally - digital product catalog

One of the most important keys to be successful in sales is the ability for providing accurate and detailed product information to buyers.
The more easy you make for buyers to review your products and as better the product information, the higher your chances to become their favourite supplier! The solution to boost your export power is an innovative digital product catalog.
Even for companies with hundreds and thousands of products a digital product catalog makes it easy for buyers to review products they are interested in. We do that with smart filters, which categorize your assortment based on the demands of your buyers.

A digital catalog eliminates all limitations in terms of product information. You can share to your buyers all details which are important to them.

Another important advantage of a digital catalog is that information on products and new products can be updated at low cost and in real time.

Generating leads with instant inquiries

In the past review of products and placement of an inquiry have been two steps for buyers. Moreover buyers most of the time get distracted in between and forget about your products. So you have to invest a lot of additional time and efforts in follow ups. Digitalization eliminates this gap. While browsing through your digital catalog buyers can easily and immediately select products they are interested in and send their inquiry right away at one click.This is very convenient for them and you increase the number of leads!

Quotations and sales in no time

By digitalising exports you can transform an inquiry with few clicks and within seconds into a quotation. An inquiry needs not to be transferred into another file or template. You work directly on the buyer inquiry. 

We have both: expertise & technology

There is no future for your business without digital transformation. And there are no exceptions. All B2B business are affected in the one or the other way by digitalization.

Success in digitalization of sales requires an integrated approach: new innovative interaction models, redesign of processes and the suitable technology. 

Many times when companies try to achieve their digital transformation through the cooperation with a IT company they fail, as technology alone cannot lead to the overall transformation.

At Blueschild Consulting we offer to our SME customers an overall solution for digitalization of sales: we have the expertise for redesigning business models and processes and we have SYANDEX, an innovative, ready-to-go application for sales digitalization. 

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