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Export Power vs Export Readiness

While the commonly used phrase is Export Readiness, Blueschild Consulting advocates for the concept of Export Power. This choice is intentional because Export Readiness implies a specific “moment” when a company is prepared to export. Our perspective at Blueschild Consulting diverges from this notion. For us the path from covering the basics to constructing an unbeatable export organization encompasses a path that goes above and beyond the standard requirements. This expansive approach is what we define as Export Power—a dynamic capability that extends beyond mere readiness and is a continuous process of optimization.

Benefits of high Export Power

  • Increase buyer response rate
  • Boost closing rate
  • Minimize time to agreement
  • Minimize export development costs

EXDESYS, the system for boosting your export power

The performance in exports depends entirely on the foundation of the company, in terms of its export power. Any weakness or gap in export readiness minimizes success rates. For this reason, the first step in export projects is the analysis, evaluation, and optimization of our customers’ export strength.

At Blueschild Consulting, we have developed over the past two decades the EXDESYS (Export Development System), a comprehensive export development system with which we ensure that our customers achieve high success rates in their exports in the shortest possible time.

Even for companies that have their own export department, it is a significant tool for the company to achieve a dramatic increase in its export performance.

How does EXDESYS work?


Export Power Score

With EXDESYS we generate an export power score, which communicates the level of a company’s export power in a clear and simple way. The export power index helps the management to evaluate the current level and to monitor the progress month by month.

Export Power Audit

The first phase of EXSESYS involves conducting a specialized export power audit with the participation of the company’s management. Through the audit, we review, analyze, and evaluate your current export readiness. The result of this inspection is a detailed report that overall assesses the company’s export strength and indicates critical weaknesses in specific areas where the company may be lacking.


Export Power Factors​

Export strength is not an abstract concept but arises from a large number of specific factors. At Blueschild Consulting, through our many years of experience, we have identified and systematized these factors. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the areas in which the company exhibits weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to improve its export strength.

Boost Export Power Actions​

EXDSYS is not just a powerful tool for analysis and evaluation; it also provides the appropriate actions for improving your export power. Each action is described in detail. Additionally, we provide our clients with international standards tools. The actions are prioritized based on their criticality and significance. In this way, we achieve significant improvement in export power in the shortest possible time.


Export Power program​

The goal of EXDESYS is the substantial improvement of export strength that will bring tangible and significant economic benefits to the company in the field of exports. To achieve this goal, we develop a specific implementation program for improvement actions, complete with deadlines and assignment of responsible parties. The implementation and results are monitored through monthly meetings focused on export strength and, more broadly, export performance.

Export Power Key Elements

Your Unique Selling Points

Why should buyers choose your company? What sets you apart from your competitors?

To answer these questions, you should first identify the specific competitive advantages of your company and your products, taking into account the competition. The more numerous and strong your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are, the greater the chances of success in exports.

At Blueschild Consulting, we assist our clients in creating and effectively communicating their Unique Selling Points.


Export Strategy & Positioning​

There is always the temptation to pursue very large international clients with the belief that they offer the potential for significant sales volumes. However, most of the time, this choice proves to be incorrect, given that in this category, competition is particularly high, market penetration times are lengthy, and profit margins are very limited. On the contrary, choosing specialized channels with small to medium-sized businesses offers more personalized collaborations, greater profit margins, and shorter timelines for establishing partnerships. Through EXDESYS, we identify the appropriate models for expanding into foreign markets that offer the best prospects and high profitability in exports.

Export Development Roadmap

Achieving exports is a multi-step process. Agreements with buyers and sales are not the first but the final step in this process. It is particularly important for the company to be aware of this process and to monitor individual progress, assessing intermediate steps and identifying any shortcomings as quickly as possible. At Blueschild Consulting, we establish an export roadmap from the outset of projects, thus setting the right foundation for progress monitoring.


Export Business Plan

Export development is an investment. This means there is a required amount of investment, an expected return, and a cash flow schedule. Just like any company investment, it is essential to develop a business plan that reflects these elements and serves as one of the key monitoring tools for export growth.

Research & Selection of Prospects​

The qualitative and systematic approach to the right international buyers entails significant costs. This means that their selection is crucial both in terms of success rate and the overall cost of export development. At Blueschild Consulting, the selection of buyers is undertaken by our local consultants, who are familiar with the specifics of each market and have much better access to the appropriate data sources for market research.


Export Pitch

Buyers are bombarded with collaboration proposals daily and do not have the time to engage with each one individually. In practice, you have only a few seconds where the buyer decides whether it’s worth their time to consider your proposal.

What does this mean? It means that your presentation should, in the first 2-3 pages, communicate to the buyers who you are, what you have to offer, and what your Unique Selling Points (USPs) are.

Buyer Approach​

Approaching buyers and securing requests is not a matter of a single email or a phone call. In practice, it is a time-consuming process with multiple steps.

The first step involves identifying the appropriate contact person within the company and their contact information. Subsequently, the goal is to establish professional and structured communication.

At Blueschild Consulting, we approach buyers within their respective markets through our local consultants who communicate with buyers in their native language, taking into consideration the culture and specifics of each market.


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