Make the difference – How less becomes more

Buyers of major markets like Germany, France and UK, are constantly bombarded with propositions from all over the world.
A common mistake: dispatch as much information as possible in order to attract attention regarding the company and products. The result is that buyers get simply overwhelmed and these approaches end up in their waste bin.

The key for successful buyer attention is:

  1.  To be “to the point” and to summarize in the first approach these characteristics, which are important for buyers and make them feel that it is worth to invest their time. This first impression should demonstrate that the company not only has interesting products, but is also capable to meet the specific requirements of the market.
  2. To communicate the information in the buyer language. Even in times of internationalization it makes a difference for buyers and their team.
  3. To show presence in the market. It gives a lot of credits when a company lets somebody see that it doesn’t try to develop business remotely, but that it has permanent presence in the market and local points of contact and associates the buyers can communicate with.

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