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The challenge for export managers

While companies may maintain for their domestic sales organised sales teams, they expect exports to be developed by one export manager. Even worse, as export manager you are called to carry out market research, to develop export marketing tools, to run acquisition activities and to operate inquiries, orders and sales at the same time. And when results are not as expected, you as export manager take all the blame.

Strong partnership

Are you the export manager in your company? At Blueschild Consulting we are not competitors, but your partners. SMEs cannot afford to maintain a huge export department, but at the same time they expect from you as export manager extraordinary results. Blueschild Consulting is the solution to this dilemma: we provide significant manpower and innovative tools to optimise the outcome of your department.

Support of export managers

Increase export power with EXDESYS

With EXDESYS we provide to you as export manager a powerful tool for optimising the export power of your company. Our assessment and report support you to identify the potential for further optimization and to ask the management for the necessary resources. 

Identify the limitations

EXDESYS helps you to document the limitations and weaknesses, which are beyond the area of your responsibility, but affect the outcome in terms of export sales.

Multiplying Manpower

The parallel development of many markets requires manpower, which objectively exceeds the capacity of one person. Through the cooperation with Blueschild Consulting you get the team you need. With our outsourcing service we multiply the number of markets, the buyer inquiries and the volume of export sales. 

Digital transformation

Digitalization in exports are imperative for staying competitive. We support you in the development of digital models and the development of innovative export application.

Benefits for export managers

Prove and document your impact

Sales are the final step of a long process. To reach this milestone as export manager you need to continuously improve export readiness of your organization. However, there is a risk your work to be evaluated strictly on sales, neglecting all the work you do up to then. With the EXDESYS system and the Export Power Score you get a tool for tracking and documenting the progress of your work in terms of export readiness and export power.

Focus on closings and sales

We multiply for you the number of buyer inquiries, which allows you to increase the efficiency of your work. You save time for buyer acquisition and can focus on closings instead. 

Boost your exports with us

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