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Internationalization vs exports

Export development means that you extend the markets you are selling to. Production and main management activities still are managed by your headoffice in your home market and usually you apply the same strategy and marketing to all markets.
Internationalising your business means to go a big step further and to transform your business from local to global.
By making your brand international you can add significant value to your brand and open business potential which for a national brand remains locked.
Obviously internationalization of business is a more complex process than just developing exports, but it is worth.

Transform your business from local to global

The sky is the limit!

Do you run an innovative business concept? Have you proven in your market to be successful?
Then the time may has come to go for conquering the world?
To be an international brand nowadays is not the privilege of big companies. Digitalisation is offering new, tremendous international opportunities to small companies with smart and innovative business concepts.
In many business sectors the new competition comes from ambitious newcomers, which get at the top of their business categories with fresh business ideas and lean, smart organisation.
At Blueschild Consulting you will find a partner, who will support you from A to Z in your transformation from a local to a global player.

Internationalization concept

To become an international business means a significant transformation of your company. Strategy, marketing, organization, processes, digitalization, financial management, all aspects of your business have to become adjusted.
Do do this your company needs a comprehensive internationalization concept.
This is where we start from!

Internationalization strategy

Obviously, internationalizing your business does not mean to expand to all countries of the world. You need to find first markets, which offers the best outlook for your specific products and services and to focus on developing your business there. To select promising markets we consider on:
  • the demand for your products or services
  • the current competition in these markets
  • specific regulations in the markets which might affect the business development
  • taxation

Project plan

In a third step the internationalization concept and strategy leads to an analytic project plan with targets, milestones and an action plan for each department of your company.

Make it happen – we go together for it!

With Blueschild Consulting you have a partner at your side who will support you in the the transformation process. You benefit from our vast experience in international business development and our team of specialists in more than 50 strategic markets.

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