Go international – from local to global

At Blueschild Consulting we are the leading export development specialists, supporting our customers to go international and to develop sales in more than 50 markets. With our unique export development services you can kick-off your exports from day one.

Minimize export development costs

Get rid of high fix costs for your export development. Cooperating with Blueschild Consulting you pay only a small retainer. We make our profits out of development of your sales. So we are on the same side of the table. This means that with our export development services you minimize fix costs and at the same time you maximise export development performance.

Export development from inside

We develop your exports with local teams in the markets. Our export specialists know their markets and the speak the language of the buyers. Your company is present in the markets and does not communicate with customers by distance. This makes the difference.

Export competitiveness

Our export development services start from your export competitiveness. For being successful in exports you should prepare your company specifically. Sales in markets abroad is not the same as sales in your home market.
At Blueschild Consulting we first evaluate and optimise your export competitiveness and then we start to develop the markets. Our export development services help to increase success rates and to minimize costs.

Outsource your international export development

Did you ever consider on outsourcing your export development?
Success in exports can change your company and shift it to a new business level. Though the problem is that to operate a fully organised export department is a huge investment and takes time. The maintenance of a complete export department is very cost-intensive and for small and medium sized enterprises not affordable.
Within our export development services we offer a complete outsourcing of your export department. This service significantly minimizes costs and at the same time increases the export development performance. Exports are definitely a key for skyrocketing business.
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Exports Europe- All in One

Blueschild Consulting has a new, unique service proposition called “Exports Europe – All in one”. With this innovative service proposition we support our clients in their export development in currently 17 important markets of West and South Europe at a incredible fee. Exports Europe – All in One is internationally unique.  It is addressed to companies interested in an efficient, overall development of the European markets. Instead of searching for capable local partners in many different European markets, we provide the option for developing European markets through one partnership.  Exports Europe – All in One saves significantly time and cost.
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Explore the opportunity to

expand your business with us!

Explore the opportunity to

expand your business with us!