Internationalization of SMEs

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Internationalization vs exports

To become an international business is not the same as to be an exporter (even if you are a strong one). 

An exporter

  • has a national brand identity
  • operates business development from his head-office
  • has production facilities in his home market

An international business

  • has an international brand
  • operates with business development units in various regions
  • may have production facilities in different markets

Internationalization of business requires a completely different strategy and organization from an export organization. Internationalization is an evolvement of exports and companies which are ready to take the next step. At Blueschild Consulting we support companies in their transformation from an exporter to an international business.

How to start internationalization of business

Vision & strategy

Internationalization starts from an ambitious vision and clear strategy. In internationalization projects we cooperate with the management to define the vision and a comprehensive strategy as foundation for the internationalization of business.

Feasibility check

In exports a company can be partly successful, for example in some markets. Internationalization requires significant changes in all areas of business development and organization. Such a transformation should be started only if the company is ready to make such a comprehensive move and has evaluated the chances to be successful. We support internationalization projects with a feasibility study to secure that the company has what it takes to become international. Key issues of the feasibility check are competitiveness at international scale and required resources to support the business transformation.   

Internationalization team

Internationalization means a complete transformation of the business and affects all main departments. In consequence expertise, man power and active involvement of each department are required in order to redesign the structure of the company. Most probably external specialists will enhance the internationalization team. At the same time it is important that the internationalization team operates efficiently as the additional work load is significant. We help customers to implement an efficient team concept.

Internationalization model & business plan

In a next step the international model is developed, defining the new, international business structure. Internationalization means in the end that various corporate functions will be operated in other markets. What needs to be defined are issues as the legal structure, responsibilities, international marketing & branding, the local teams and the financials. In the past the required investments have been immense. Today digitalization allows for smart models at significantly lower investments.

Internationalization project plan

Finally an analytic project plan has to be developed, as basic tool for planning and managing all activities which have to be operated for evolving the company to an international business. A project plan for an internationalization project is complex. At Blueschild Consulting we support the development of the internationalization plan and the management of execution.

Blueschild Consulting
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Internationalization means an overall transformation of your business and has a strong impact on your organization. At the same time it requires expertise and strong project management skills. At Blueschild Consulting we have both, expertise and qualified people to support the internationalization of your business.

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