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Blueschild Consulting - The International Export Development Experts ​

Blueschild Consulting stands as a global leader in export development services, dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide to expand their exports and successfully internationalize. Our commitment to innovation in exports and internationalization is reflected through:

  • generating leads and sales from the inside of markets
  • provide a unique range of services in exports
  • supporting our customers in digitalization of their exports
  • contributing to an overall transformation of businesses

Global Services, Local Operation

At Blueschild Consulting we support our customer globally but operate projects locally.  We do that in cooperation with local associates, highly qualified in fields of export and business development. 

We are not a network though. We execute projects with a centralised project management, standardised processes and best practices providing to our customers in all markets the same performance and results in terms of exports and internationalization.


A strong win-win model

We respect and do not interfere with your personal consulting business. On the contrary, as an Associate of Blueschild Consulting, you have an unique opportunity to elevate your business. Additionally, being part of our team opens up exciting opportunities to participate in challenging, international projects with Blueschild Consulting.

We are looking for...

Qualified, local professionals with experience in export and business development, interested in new opportunities and synergies. We expect from our Associates high level of professionalism, reliability and commitment. Your profile:

  • 5+ years work experience 
  • Current status: self-employed business development or export consultant
  • Efficient and result-oriented
  • Fluently English speaking 
  • Good communication skills and professional appearance
  • Strong business network in your region

Your benefits as Blueschild Consulting Associate ​​

1. Elevate your business profile with us

As Associate of the international Blueschild Consulting team, you can bolster your consulting business in your market. Upgrade your business profile from local to global.

2. Expertise & tools

At Blueschild Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering our associates with our extensive expertise and a comprehensive set of acquisition and project guidelines and tools. These resources have been refined through the successful execution of hundreds of international export projects. We firmly believe that providing our team with the right knowledge and resources is crucial for achieving mutual success and excellence in export endeavors.

3. Unlock with us valuable prospects

As an Associate of Blueschild Consulting, you’ll gain access to significant players in your market, including prominent companies keen on enhancing their exports through collaboration with an international partner. Blueschild Consulting serves as the key to opening doors to these promising prospects. Simultaneously, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into a new customer base, fostering growth for your own business. 

4. Expand and diversify your revenue streams

By joining Blueschild Consulting as an Associate, you can explore various avenues to generate additional revenue. Whether you engage in inbound projects, outbound projects, or contribute as an industry expert, you’ll unlock opportunities to go beyond the income potential of your business alone. Embracing these different pathways allows you to broaden your earning potential and expand your horizons in the world of international business. As a valued member of our team, you’ll have the chance to explore new ventures and boost your financial growth in synergy with our dynamic and innovative consulting approach.

5. Development within Blueschild Consulting

We are a rapidly expanding international organization, and as an Associate, you begin by supporting projects in your local region. However, the potential for growth within Blueschild Consulting is immense. As you showcase your skills and dedication, you’ll have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, such as a Senior Associate, Director, or a Partner and member of our head-office team. We highly value Associates who demonstrate a strong commitment and contribute significantly to the overall development of Blueschild Consulting. 

Associate roles

1. Inbound projects

Whenever customers of Blueschild Consulting are interested to develop business in your region, you are our local partner to operate suitable actions. You will be guided by our project manager and receive all information and instructions you need to do the job.

2. Outbound projects

As Blueschild Consulting associate you have the chance to offer to local companies all services of Blueschild Consulting and be the local manager of projects, while our teams in other markets operate leads and sales development. It is up to you to decide which outbound projects you would like to operate with us.

3. Blueschild Consulting industry expert

If you possess specialized expertise in a particular international industry, you have the opportunity to participate as an expert in projects, even if they are not directly related to your local market. Your valuable insights and skills can be applied in diverse international projects to create impactful results.

Interested? Apply today!

If you are interested to become an Blueschild Consulting Associate, please fill out our associate questionnaire. 

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