Business hub Europe

Develop exports to 17+ European markets
through one partnership

Are you interested to develop business cross Europe? Then Blueschild Consulting is the right partner for your company. As consultants started from Germany, Europe is for us home region. We offer a new, unique service called “Business hub Europe”. With this service, we support your business development in currently 17 important European markets through one partnership.

Minimize setup time for business in Europe

It takes a lot of time to search and to appoint representatives or partners in 17 European markets. Especially when you do it by distance. In practice you should calculate 24-36 months for establishing partnerships in all relevant European markets. Moreover every failure and replacement of representatives will be a huge setback for your business development in Europe. With our Business hub Europe service you save this development time. You can start your business development to European markets right away.

Develop European markets from the inside

Europe remains to be fragmented. Each European market has its language, habits, and business culture. So localisation of sales activities is a key of success.
We operate in each European market with local teams. This way we develop markets from the inside. We operate close to buyers and consider local market characteristics. Market development from inside increases performance and prospects of success for your business in Europe.

Establish your brand in Europe

We develop markets under your name and on your behalf. Through this service model, we introduce and develop your brand in the European market.

Minimize development costs

Additionally to fees for local partners, the management of a huge team in Europe requires intense management efforts and costs. With our service our team is working for your business development, but you have to deal only with one project leader.

Boost your exports with us

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