The 4 major trends in export business

The 4 major trends in export business

Added-value services & innovation

In the last years the role of suppliers is significantly changing. It is not anymore about just delivering products. The key for profitable export business are added-value services and product innovation. Both can put you out the low-margin mainstream business and lead to higher margins and stronger loyalty from your customers. Buyers are expecting new, proactive support and advisory from their suppliers. Don’t wait your customers to ask for new products, provide them!

New business models

Standardised, high volume sales are outdated. Even big-volume customers expect nowadays flexibility and new supply models. In consequence, your business is threatened not from the known competitors but from unknown newcomers. Very often innovating start–ups outpace in no time the established market leaders. Size and economies of scale are no longer a guarantee for a strong market position. Just think of Tesla.

Selective lead generation

Generic mail campaigns or even expensive presence in fairs are not longer generating new business but are huge waste of financial resources. Customers will hardly pay attention to you! What is required are carefully evaluated short-lists of prospects, to which you can bring customised propositions, which are worth of reading!

Digital marketing & communication

Business is going digital! Digitalization is turning marketing, communication and even products upside down. This can be a serious threat, but in reality it is a huge opportunity to boost business.

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