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Are you interested to develop specific new export markets or channels? Save time and costs by cooperating with Blueschild Consulting. We cooperate with your export department and enhance your overall capacity for the development of new export markets. 

1. Development from inside the markets

We develop exports for you “from inside” the markets, with local teams who know the markets and communicate with buyers in their local language. Through our local teams your company shows presence and a higher commitment to do business in the specific market. This increases the overall respond rate and makes buyers more comfortable to consider on your products. 

2. Prospect research & selection

With our local teams we research and identify suitable prospects in the selected markets. Within the markets our consultants have much better access to data sources than from distance. Moreover they can locally research for more detailed information on companies and even have a preliminary communication with them. Local research allows for evaluating and selecting best-fitting prospects for your products and is a key for higher success rates in lead generation.

3. Promoting your brand in the market

We operate within new export markets the complete lead generation process to generate valuable leads. Our teams run communication with buyers under your brand and present your company and your products to them. The first achievement in the development of new export markets is to make your brand known. We contribute to brand awareness and get your company on the radar of buyers as new supplier option.

4. Market insights

The most efficient market research is talking to real buyers. Communicating with them we collect valuable markets insides regarding local preferences, your competition and other specific requirements. Feedback of buyers, even if they don’t start cooperation with you is a valuable asset for your success in new export markets.

5. Continuous lead generation

Eventually we generate valuable leads for you and support you in preparing competitive propositions considering on the specific requirements of each buyer. However, lead generation is not a one-time issue. A prospect may respond with a “not at this time”, but consider on your products at a later time. Our teams keep close communication with buyers and execute frequent follow ups.  

6. Agreements - the buyer are yours

At Blueschild Consulting we support the process of quotations, negotiations and closings. Agreements are signed directly between your company and buyers. The buyers are yours. We act in new export markets as extension of your export department.

7. Support of orders & sales

After closing our teams support smooth operation of orders, in terms of registration, customs clearing, logistics and continuous communication with the buyers. We secure that orders are executed without problems and buyers remain satisfied.

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