New export markets

Develop with us new export markets

We generate export leads & export sales for you in 50 strategic markets… from the inside!

With our export development services we not only improve your export performance, but we manage the development of new export markets with lead generation & export sales through our local export specialists.

We select & invest

High-volume sales in new export markets are not coming immediately. Usually it takes 12-24 months to reach a first good level of sales in new export markets. As we make our profits out of sales this means that we invest in a project together with you. Discussing a cooperation we first check together with the management all requirements which the company has to meet for being successful in the new markets abroad.

We make the difference in the markets

We make your brand known in new export markets

At Blueschild Consulting we don’t work as agents or mediators, in new export markets we work under your brand and on behalf of your organization. This means that we communicate with buyers under your name and contribute that your brand become known in the markets.

You keep control of buyer relationships

Your company has always full control of relationships with buyers. Contracts in new export markets are signed directly between your company and the buyers. So results of our work remain sustainable and don’t get lost if at some point you want to continue export development in an export market yourself.

High-value prospects

Starting in a new export market we don’t waste time and money with a diffused market approach and generic data lists.  What we do instead is to research and to identify potential buyers, who really fit to your specific product profile. A careful prospect selection in new export markets boosts success rate in much shorter time. In a second step we identify the relevant contact persons in the companies, so that our communication with buyers is personal and efficient.

Lead generation “from the inside” – become present in 50 strategic markets

In new export markets lead generation from distance in competitive markets has very low response rates. We approach buyers and develop your exports from the inside. Our local experts know their market, the relevant players, the culture and the language. And there is something more: through our local teams you show a presence in the market. All these factors make the difference!

Intensive, personal buyer communication

The achievement of buyers in new export markets is not a matter of an e-mail or one phone call. As bigger the prospect as more time it takes to identify and to reach the relevant contact person. The successful development of a new cooperation takes also persistence and may calls. At Blueschild Consulting we manage intensive and personal communication with the buyers. Even a first “No” is for us not the end, but just one step in the buyer development process.

Improving your export proposition through buyer feedback

Communicating with buyers is not a Yes / No issue. The development of new markets is a dynamic process, in which your company should become stronger and stronger and increase the success rates. Direct feedback from real buyers is more valuable and cheaper than a secondary, expensive market research. So we analyse and evaluate buyer feedback and identify points of weaknesses and the required actions to improve the export proposition.

Unique service “Exports Europe All in One”

Blueschild Consulting has a new, unique service proposition called “Exports Europe – All in one”. With this innovative service proposition we support our clients in their export development in currently 17 important markets of West and South Europe at a incredible fee. Exports Europe – All in One is internationally unique.  It is addressed to companies interested in an efficient, overall development of the European markets. Instead of searching for capable local partners in many different European markets, we provide the option for developing European markets through one partnership.  Exports Europe – All in One saves significantly time and cost.


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