International dealership

Empower your business as representative
of strong international brands

Empower business in your market 
as representative of strong, international brands

For trading and service companies the representation of international brands can be a game changer in terms of:

  • new business
  • additional revenues
  • their overall reputation in the market

With our international dealership service we take advantage of our international business network. We support companies to research and to become representatives of strong, international brands from abroad.

Through the cooperation with Blueschild Consulting you save time and costs. At the same time the meditation of an international consulting company helps also marketing-wise to enhance your proposition.  

The international dealership service
of Blueschild Consulting

Partner profiling

For an international dealership to be a game changer for your business, it is not about to represent any international brand. You want to cooperate with strong brands, which fit best to your business. That’s why in a first step we define the criteria and goals from your side and the ideal profile of your potential partners.

Research & selection of international partners

Based on the partner profile our local teams execute research, evaluation and selection of candidates in markets of your preference. Objective is to create a short-list with the best-fitting prospects for a dealership. 

Your proposition

Approach international partners with a strong proposition. Present your company and your business power in your market in the best possible way. We help you in developing  a professional, attractive and consistent presentation and proposition for potential partners abroad.

Contacts & lead generation

With our local teams in the market we manage first approach of prospects and identify the brands who are interested to examine a cooperation with your company. 


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