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Are you interested to develop exports, but you have not an export team? To develop and operate an experienced export team is a huge investment and takes time. De facto it is a high barrier for small and medium sized enterprises to open new opportunities in markets abroad. At Blueschild Consulting we provide an innovative export outsourcing solution, which provides the opportunity to start your exports today.

What are your benefits of export outsourcing
with Blueschild Consulting

1. Eliminate investment costs for starting exports

The implementation and setup of a professional export team requires high investment costs. It includes the recruitment process, equipment and a certain period for preparations of export activities. Moreover, especially in the initial setup of an export team you may have failures having chosen wrong people. You save all this investment by outsourcing your export development to Blueschild Consulting.

2. Minimize time - start today

Beside the investment costs another important aspect is the the time you need the new export team to become productive. In practice it will take months for getting your team together, having developed the suitable export tools and start export operation. By outsourcing exports to us you minimize the time for kicking-off export activities.

3. Reduce export operation costs by more than 70%

You won’t achieve results in exports with a department of 1-2 people. Export development needs a mix of high expertise. Moreover, works of very different qualification levels have to be executed. In consequence a complete export department to perform requires high fix operation costs. The export outsourcing service of Blueschild Consulting minimises these costs.

4. Export development expertise & performance

At Blueschild Consulting we support companies in their export development for more than 20 years. By outsourcing your export department to us you benefit from our expertise and development of exports at the highest possible level. We make sure that your export activities are executed at highest export performance.

5. Brand awareness

We are not agents, but we act as your department. When communicating with prospects we operate under your brand. This way your brand becomes known in the target markets and at international level.

6. Become present in the markets abroad

We operate in more than 50 markets worldwide with local teams. This means that cooperating with us your company becomes present in the international markets.

7. Export sustainability

With our export outsourcing service operating as your export department, all relationships with buyers and export sales remain always under the ownership and full control of your company.

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