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Even big, international companies cooperate regularly with external experts for optimising and evolving their organization. This does not mean that their employees are not qualified. Though a company always will benefit from input and expertise from outside. At Blueschild Consulting we support export teams of SMEs to optimise performance of their export organization. Our service is addressed to companies, who have an export team in place.

Making export performance measurable:
the export performance score

  • What is your export performance today
  • What you can do to increase your export performance?
  • What is the monthly progress in terms of optimising export performance?

Export performance results from very specific factors in terms of your strategy, your export model and its execution. Optimisation of export performance is not a one time issue, but a continuous process. However, for monitoring increase of export performance it is important to apply a system of specific metrics which makes export performance measurable. At Blueschild Consulting we have developed a system for analysing your export performance, define the suitable actions to increase it and to monitor progress month by month.

A key element is the export performance scoreThe export performance score helps to increase efficiency of its work and makes achievements in terms of export performance measurable and visible. With each action you complete, you see your export performance score climbing up.  

The keys for high export performance

Strategy & export model

Export performance starts with a clear and consistent strategy and a promising export model. The strategy needs to be documented and accessible to all stakeholders in terms of exports. As we live in times of rapid changes, export strategy and model have to be re-evaluated frequently and if necessary adjusted.

Export assortment

Most probably not all products you sell in your home market are suitable for exports. In consequence you should adjust the assortment and promote only products which you think to be highly competitive in the markets abroad.

Export competitor benchmarking

You should know who you are competing with. At least you have to know the competitors from your market and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to them. Even better is to know the competition in the target markets. A strong export proposition needs to consider on your competitors. For an efficient benchmarking it is not enough to know who your competitors are, but to develop an analytic evaluation system, with all factors which are relevant to your buyers and to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your competition.

Export business plan

Do you have an analytic business plan for your exports in place? For being successful in exports a specific business plan with clear goals, milestones and an analytic financial plan is a must. Export development is an investment and should be managed like this. On the one hand there has to be a sufficient budget, on the other an estimation about the expected return on investment. We support our customer to optimise their export business plan or to develop it from scratch.

Export pitch - your Unique Selling Points

Buyers receive every day propositions from suppliers all over the world and usually they don’t have time to analyse them. To get buyers attention you must communicate your Unique Selling Points within seconds and in the first 2-3 pages. We support our customers to create a strong and appealing export pitch.

Prospect evaluation and selection

Working on big lists of prospects is an enormous waste of time and money. Quality is much more important than quantity. We support our customers to define the right profile of prospects and to narrow down the number of contacts. This way we help you to increase significantly the success rate in lead generation. 

Lead generation process

Lead generation and development of export sales require a process which is different from sales development in your home market due to geographic distance to buyers and higher international competition. The lead generation process has many, specific steps. Even few gaps will minimize your export performance significantly. Based on our experience of hundreds of export projects all over the world, we help you to apply a best-practice lead generation process, which will boost results.

Continuous evaluation of buyer feedback

If with the first 10 leads there has been no closing, most probably the outcome won’t change with the next 10. Most likely there are still weaknesses and gaps you have to work on. But what are the weaknesses and gaps? Feedback of real buyers is the most valuable valuable asset for identifying potential to improve your proposition. At Blueschild Consulting we help you to take advantage of buyer feedback by  implementing processes and tools for documenting and analyzing it.

Digitalization in exports

The next „big thing“ in exports is digitalization. It allows for completely new ways to present your products and to interact with buyers. More important, with digitalization in exports you will minimize costs and increase sales at the same time. At Blueschild Consulting we offer both, expertise and technology. SYANDEX is an innovative, ready-to-implement application, which has been developed for supporting SMEs in transforming their business. 

Boost export performance with 
Blueschild Consulting

At Blueschild Consulting we support our customers to boost their export performance in two steps:

  • In a first step we analyse the export performance and help to identify gaps and weaknesses.
  • In a second step we support export teams to design and to proceed suitable actions for improving export performance

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