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Did you ever consider on export outsourcing services?
Success in exports can change your company and shift it to a new business level. Though the problem is that to operate a fully organised export department is a huge investment and takes time.

Blueschild Consulting provides an innovative solution for outsourcing your export operation. This way you eliminate investment costs and you minimise the operation costs for developing exports.

What are the benefits?

1. Get rid of investment costs

A complete export department cannot become established in a day. For example, recruiting export professionals takes time and costs, which you save by outsourcing your export department to us. Especially companies which intend to start exports from scratch will save all the investment cost.

2. Reduce operation costs by more than 70%

You won’t achieve results in exports with a department of 1-2 people. Export development needs a mix of high expertise. Moreover, works of very different qualification levels have to be executed. In consequence a complete export department to perform requires high fix operation costs. The export outsourcing service of Blueschild Consulting minimises these costs.

3. Export development expertise

At Blueschild Consulting we support companies in their export development for more than ten years. We do this with teams of highly qualified professionals with vast experience in international business development.

4. Allow your export director do his job

Your export director should be focused on handling export customers. By outsourcing exports to us he gets rid of all lead generation works. This allows him to deal all day with developing sales with your current customers.

5. Speed up export development

We start in no time with working on new leads.

6. Branding

We are not agents, but we act as your department. When communicating with prospects we operate under your brand. Moreover all contacts are directly related to your company, which means you have the ownership at any time.

7. Become present in the markets abroad

We operate in more than 50 markets worldwide with local teams. This means that cooperating with us your company becomes present in the markets.